Living in China, Rachel and Tomas Stenback

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Video Clips

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Tibet (47,2 MB)
We traveled around Tibet for ten days. The highlights were the Potala Palace and Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest).
Church Christmas Program in Longzhou (27,6 MB)
On Christmas Day we attended an interesting Christmas program in the church in Longzhou. 25 people usually attend the little church, but on Christmas, over 100 people filled the room. We watched all kinds of performances, including a song by Rachel.
Visitors from Sweden and the US (49,4 MB)
Tomas's parents, and Rachel's father, came for a visit in November. We visited the rice terraces in northern Guangxi, ate lots of delicious food, and traveled to Hanoi for a long weekend.
Yangshuo and Pingan in northern Guangxi (22,5 MB)
During the October holiday we visited the famous karst mountains in Yangshuo and the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces outside of Ping'an. The hillside villages with old wooden houses amongst the rice terraces gave us another interesting image of China.
Our apartment (19,1 MB)
Welcome to our home in longzhou
Farmers in Chengxian (7,5 MB)
The farmers outside Chengxian live a simple and hard life
A Boat Ride in Cambodia (16,8 MB)
Join us on an interesting boat ride between Siem Reap and Battambang, Cambodia, where we were able to catch a glimpse of Khmer life far away from the touristy temples.
Malaysia and Cambodia (24,6 MB)
We enjoyed more than three weeks in Malaysia and Cambodia. Here you can watch a short summary of our adventures.
The Book Nook (27,4 MB)
Welcome to the Book Nook! Here you can see the room in action and meet several students.
Our new apartment(s) (11,5 MB)
Join us for a guided tour of our new apartment(s)!
Braid in China (5,62 MB)
Rachel teaches our Chinese tutors to French Braid during a Chinese lesson
First year in China (16,3 MB)
During our first year in China we have had lots of new experiences, both in Chengxian and on our travels. Here are some glimpses of our first year.
Night in a yurt (2,74 MB)
In Xinjiang Province we spent a memorable but very cold night in a yurt. A yurt is a traditional teepee-type house that is simple on the outside, but beautifully decorated inside.
A typical village outside of Chengxian (1,36 MB)
Around Chengxian are many farming villages. We love to visit these villages, which we consider cute, old-fashioned and charming, but which are probably much less so for the people who live in these homes, especially during the cold weather.
The Chinese New Year (2,21 MB)
It could not be Chinese New Year without lots...and lots...and LOTS of fireworks!
Pandas in Chengdu (3,21 MB)
A panda's life is simple. They eat, sleep, eat, and sleep. Here you can watch 4 cute pandas eating breakfast.
Elephant riding (1,82 MB)
Elephant riding in Thailand.
Artistic tea-pouring (2,22 MB)
Artistic tea-pouring is a long Chinese tradition, one that we have seen at restaurants and theatres. At the theatre in Chengdu we saw this performance.
Tomas in tug-of-war at Chinese Halloween party (4,08 MB)
Tomas, dressed up as a ghost for our English students' version of a Halloween party, played tug-of-war against our colleague, Sarah, from England.
Congregation sings a hymn (6,23 MB)
Here you can experience the congregation in our church singing a verse of a well-known hymn, and, at the same time, take a little peek around the church!
Professional Tea-pourer in Action (1,63 MB)
This guy takes his job very seriously! He is the tea-pourer at our favorite restaurant and he does his job well! Watch and enjoy this short video which shows him in action!
Here is where we live! (7,59 MB)
Tomas guides us around our apartment
Noodle tearing (1,38 MB)
Tearing fresh noodles into a huge pot for our soup. It took us a few moments to understand what the chefs were doing, but you must admit, they really are impressive with their speed and accuracy!
The worst soprano ever (1,81 MB)
Unfortunately, perhaps the worst soprano ever...We ran into this song group on the street one evening in Zhu Hai. It was painful to listen to, but hilarious! However, the Chinese people observing seemed to be enjoying the performance.
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