Living in China, Rachel and Tomas Stenback

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On July 25, 2003, a swedish law about electronic communication went into effect. According to the law, all people who visit a web pages which uses Cookies should receive information about the fact that

  • the web page uses cookies
  • how these cookies are used, and
  • how these cookies can be avoided.

This web page,, uses cookies. Cookies are used to store the visitor’s language choices for future visits. This means that if the visitor reads the web page in English during one visit, the web page will automatically show the English version for the next visit as well.

Cookies can be avoided by making choices through your browser, by only rejecting cookies for this web page. If cookies from this web page are not allowed, the language choices will not be saved for future visits. However, the language preferences will remain the same during each individual visit to the web page.

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